Supplier of Industrial Centrifugal Pumps for California & Nevada

Serving the Nevada and California Central Valley / Bay Area for over 50 years, Coker Pump & Equipment Company is proud to offer a full variety of centrifugal pumps from many top manufacturers, including self-priming, high pressure, and more. Our self-priming pumps handle waste water, sludge, slurries, sewage, sump services, and other heavy duty substances. They come in cast iron and stainless steel, and are available from manufacturers like Barnes, Burkes, Marlow, Price, Weird, and Pioneer. We also carry high pressure centrifugal pumps from Grundfos, Goulds, Burks, and G & L. These pumps handle flows up to 400 GPM and pressures up to 700 PSI. From AC and Wemco, we have abrasive handling and rubber lined pumps for ash sluicing, lime slurry, sugar processing, mining, and other applications. And our selection also includes highly durable end suction pumps made from cast iron, bronze,and other rugged materials.

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Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

  • Flows up to 7,500 GPM
  • Pressures up to 150 PSI
  • Heads to 270'
  • Discharge 1" to 6"
  • ABS Approved
  • Fast Priming / Self priming to 20 feet.
  • Offered by Barnes, Burks, CH&E, Marlow, Price, Weir & Pioneer
  • For use with Wastewater, Sludges, Slurries, Sewage, Sump Services, Petroleum Products, Fuel Oils, Acid & Chemicals

High Pressure Pumps

  • Flows to 400 GPM
  • Pressures up to 700 PSI
  • Heads to 1350'
  • Discharge 4"
  • HP 1/4 - 60
  • Stainless steel shaft, long lasting impeller/shaft drive integrity
  • Offered by Burks, Grundfos, Price & Goulds/G&L
  • For use with Deionized water, Boiler Feed, RO Systems & Filtration

Abrasive Handling & Rubber Lined Pumps

  • Flows up to 20,000 GPM
  • Pressures up to 130 PSI
  • Tough, durable grit - handling pump
  • Abrasion - resistant alloys extends pump wear life
  • Hydraulic design of cupped impeller minimizes wear
  • Offered by AC & Wemco
  • For use with Ash Sluicing, Lime Slurry, Sugar Processing, Aggregate, Mining, Mineral Processing

End Suction & Split Case

  • Flows up to 25,000 GPM
  • Pressures up to 350 PSI
  • Heads up to 100'
  • Designed for lower flow that cause problems for ANSI pumps
  • Available in 316 Stainless Steel or Alloy C
  • Available with threaded or flanged port configurations.
  • Offered by Barnes, Liquiflo, Multi-Duti, Paco, Price, Waukesha, Xylem Goulds G&L, Weinman & Pioneer
  • For use with Chemical, Industrial, Sanitary, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Bio-Tech & Electronics

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