Coker Pump & Equipment Company is an Authorized Supplier of LC Meters

LC Meters

At Coker Pump & Equipment Company, we have been proudly serving the Nevada and California Central Valley / Bay Areas for well over 50 years. Coker partners with top manufacturers to provide high quality pumps and related products, including a full line of liquid flow meters from LC Meters. We offer Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow Meters and accessories, which provide uncompromising accuracy even under varying operating conditions. These are low maintenance products, with no metal-to-metal contact in the measuring chamber. Also available are LCMag™ Electromagnetic Flow Meters, which offer an excellent solution for measuring the flow of electrically conductive liquids. The LCMag™ has no moving parts and encompasses a wide range of nominal diameters, flow rates, and liner/electrode materials. And Sponsler Precision Turbine Flow Meters feature high resolution, simple installation, and are available with a wide variety of outputs.

To learn more about the many different flow meters available from LC Meters, please feel free to contact us directly.